About me - Miguel Díaz Fernández

Hello there!

I am Miguel.

I am the photographer and blogger behind this site. Welcome to my home on the web! I am originally from Erbach, in Germany. I grew up in Valladolid, Spain. But my professional life has lead me finally landing me in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe, at the begining of 2007.

Photography is on going passion and is the basis of this blog; and, it is an outlet from an otherwise busy and sometimes stressful life.You can easily engage me in a conversation on this topic for hours. I work in the financial sector and I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to  travel. The combination of my love for photography coupled with my frequent travels and bias for technology make a blog a logical and rewarding hobby for me. You will find my favorite places captured here.

If you like my job you hire me as freelance photographer; or, teacher in photography (available for one to one, workshops or master classes).



(+352) 691 986 902